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Mandalorian History Book 9

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9.1 April – June 2013.  The larger they are the harder they fall

Things were looking good for Mandos during the month of April on Elite Wolves and JW, at least for most of the month.  The squad system was working well to train members in fighting and leadership and members were getting on well together.  However, what looked like would be another golden age quickly turned in to a depression.  Red, was the first to fall.  Red, was unable to look past different beliefs and ideas that other Mandalorians had, nor was he able to tolerate many of the liberal ways of other Mandos so he left in a rage.  Red would later be targeted and terrorized by Mandos as a traitor and as an intolerant disgrace.  The second to fall was Nighwing in spectacular fashion.  Nightwing was constantly fighting with other members and was blowing it out of proportion by concerning the entire clan with his personal problems which often led to clan wide arguments mostly ending up with most of the clan attempting to put Nightwing back in to place and to teach him to keep his personal problems personal and not to concern people who have no business to be involved.  The Mandalorian council decided that it was best for the clan for Nightwing to be removed from the ranks.  Nightwing took the initiative himself and left while his termination was being composed.  Other members left including Bobafeet, and JTLewis simply because they weren’t strong enough to withstand the pressure put on them both from within and outside the clan, nor did they possess the will to work as a team within the clan which is a value mandos hold so dearly.  All of these members were weak and didn’t have traits that mandos look for, but they were the most active members which meant that Mando Activity plummeted. 

The following two months were not only difficult for Mandos, but they were also difficult for the Jedi Academy universal as a whole.  During this period hackers got themselves in to positions of power by exploiting the weak leaders of clans like Elite Wolves and Jenova Warriors.  They started to exploit servers by implementing their own plugins on to the server in order to get users’ passwords to forums, servers, facebooks, and other social media.  The server Mandos played on at the time was run by Rhyno, as Mandos left Elite Wolves and JW due to terrible admins and server rules.  Rhyno’s server had very few rules and no admins so players were allowed to roam free.  Rhyno often attracted the scum of JKA and he himself has been accused of hacking.  Rhyno’s server had been rumoured to possess plugins that got personal info from its users, although there was no solid evidence for or against it.  But to be safe rather than sorry, ColoFett declared that he didn’t want mandos to play on Rhyno’s server.  Some Mandos returned to Elite Wolves or Jenova, but a lot of Mandos didn’t want to return and they simply fell in to inactivity. 

Mandos had always been the dominant Merc group on whichever server they were at.  They had Rivals such as the Rodian Raiders, or the Aedree in the past, but they were always the top merc group.  However, because of the waves of members leaving Mandos began to find themselves in an unfamiliar position of not being the strongest Merc group, which gave the opportunity for more Merc Factions and clans to emerge. 

The most prominent of these new Merc groups was the Ordo Clan.  The Ordo Clan was led by Outcast who saw his clan as the sister clan of Mandos.  Of course, Mandos did not like this idea and fighting began to break out.  Mandos were severely compromised due to their thin numbers but despite their small numbers the Mandalorians were able to beat back the Ordos and exploit the Ordos inexperienced leaders and members.  Eventually, Ordo renamed their clan to the Sith and changed to a forceuser clan, and since they were no longer in competition for members with the Mandos the fighting stopped.  The Sith would later dwindle away in to nonexistence.  Another merc group that emerged at this time was the Deathwatch, which was composed to be an anti-Mando clan.  But the Deathwatch suffered the same flaws that the Ordo had of inexperienced members and leadership.  Mandalorian members were often able to convince Deathwatch members to leave their clan simply through convincing them of the poor leadership they had.  Those who were not convinced were driven off of the server through violence, and the Deathwatch too disappeared. 

Nightwing, Red, JTLewis, and Bobafeet, all banded together and created their own clan called the Hunters.  Nightwing pleaded with the Mandos to be allies, but since all of them had been labeled as traitors, that was out of the question.  Various old members who were inactive began to become informed that there was a clan created by traitors, and they began to return to fight them, one of which was Jango.  The Hunters came under an onslaught that hadn’t been seen since the Aedree.  The Mandalorians knew of the weaknesses of each of the Hunters and the exploited it to spectacular effect.  The Mandos attack on the Hunters was so brutal that the hunters changed servers twice from JW to EW, then again to BOSS in the hope of protection from BOSS, but none of the Hunters were cut out for the rough atmosphere of BOSS.  While Mandos had the Hunters pinned down on the servers, several Mando allies attacked the Hunter website and forum.  The Hunters were unable to withstand the bombardment that Mandos produced, and they disbanded. 

Meanwhile, there was discussion of leadership within Mandos.  Several months earlier ColoFett with the support of old delta squad members proclaimed himself Mandalore.  But Lopez returned to reclaim his title.  But the debate over leadership wasn’t finished.  Lopez returned simply to say that he was still Mandalore, and then he swiftly disappeared after that.  In June Lopez returned to say that he was giving up his title of Mandalore.  After a unanimous vote, ColoFett was elected Mandalore, and was nominated Jack as his Vice Mandalore.  The clan was run was virtually as it was as ColoFett had been leading the clan since the Mando return in 2011.  Only the titles had been shifted. 

9.2 June – October 2013.  Server hopping. 

During this period Mandos stayed primarily on Elite Wolves due to dire situations on Jenova.  Rhyno briefly set up his server again which Mandos inhabited.  But due to a presence of a hacker, Fear, Rhyno’s server quickly was shut down again.  Mandos were also offered a server by Shad0w, which they accepted but it as well was quickly shut down.  Furthermore, Slaxer set up a server in the hope of reviving CREW, but that too was shut down.  Servers, came and went but Mandos always ended up back on Elite Wolves.  On Elite Wolves, the Death Watch clan was revived again under a new leader.  Along with the Reich faction, they declared war on the Mandos.  Mandos were able to hold off the two front attack, but the Reich began to win favour over the EW members because several EW members joined Reich as their faction, and Mandos began to find themselves being targeted by admin abusers.  However, Mandos found themselves an unexpected ally, The Element Faction.  Mandos and Elements got the upper hand over the Reich and Death Watch.  The Death Watch disappeared again but the Reich continued to fight although very often the Reich would only fight when they had admin support.  The fighting stopped because Mandos returning to JW after Tiger left and leadership passed to DT who is a much more capable leader.  Mandos brought in a new member here and there but there were no stand out members, and none of the members that were recruited stayed very long.  The Mandalorians took a massive blow when one of their most active members, Soul, left to help a friend build a clan in October, and Mando activity fell to almost zero

9.3 November 2013 - February 2014.  Obscurity.

In the Winter of 2013 until the Early Spring of 2014, the Mandos could be considered to be dead.  As Kyton explained to ColoFett, the loss of Soul was a loss that hit Mandos bigger than they expected.  It got to the point that ColoFett told JW, that for all intents and purposes Mando Activity on JKA was finished.  Kyton, Aerial, and ColoFett had talks of having another stab at Planetside 2.  But the commitment needed to run a clan on Planetside 2 was just too much for all of them.  Every so often, Oreo, Sev, and ColoFett would play on JW and occasionally they would be approached by mercs interested in joining, but they told every interested merc the same thing that recruitment was halted and that Mando Activity on JKA was done.  ColoFett was petitioned by Beer to join JW, but ColoFett refused.  Sev and Oreo continued to play on JKA and they continued to do what they had always done by fighting various groups for control over banks, or just for any other thing that was worth fighting over in game.  One member, Gyro who is the brother of Red returned to the Mando forum and was shocked by the lack of activity and how the Mando forum basically became a place for the remaining mandos to spam the latest youtube sensation.  Starting in January ColoFett began to play more without the intention of having anything to do with leading the clan, and Sev began to implore Colo on whether or not Mandos were going to find a new game to play or if they were going back to JKA, and each time ColoFett said that he wasn’t sure. 

In February, Mandos was given a spark of life again when Soul returned.  The return of Soul gave Oreo, Sev, and ColoFett the motivation to begin to explore the possibility of returning to JKA.  Furthermore, the application of Despair, an old ally of Mandos who is in the Elements gave mandos even more life.  In the end of February, Mando’ade applied to the mandos and ColoFett decided to take the chance to let him in under the intentions of seeing whether or not Mandos could gain momentum on JKA again. 

9.4 March – June 2014.  Acceleration. 

Promotions were given out to Soul, Oreo, and Sev with the hope of them taking on leading positions to help Mandos pick up some speed.  Squads were, however, disbanded to remove an extra level of management that Mandos had to worry about.  Over the four months, Mandos gained some valuable and intelligent members such as Tasmann who is also an Element, and Marek who was an unknown to Mandos but has proven to be eager to learn and improve.  Kitty and Manda also joined.  While both of them have a long way to go, they show potential.  Furthermore with the return of Flippy, Mandos was given another member to train members and bring some humour to the clan.  Geno, also returned to mandos bringing an old school attitude to the clan.  While ColoFett, Geno, Oreo, Soul, and Sev managed the clan in game, Kyton, Cody and Tater took on the role of diffusing issues that occur on the forums. 

Mandos gained some solid members throughout the spring of 2014, but they also made a couple blunders when taking chances on members.  It has always been the belief that people should be given a chance.  Chances were taken on Sev, and he became a great mando.  Chances were also taken on Nightwing and Red and they became disgraced traitors.  A chance was taken on DerpyHooves, but consistent disregard for the Mando values of respect and team work led to Derpy’s removal from the clan. 

Mandos had always had a rival of some sort on whichever server they play on.  But during this period, there weren’t any.  On JW, Mandos were the dominant merc group, and their ally the Elements were the dominant Jedi group.  A couple elements, Despair and Tasmann, picked as their clan while a couple Mandos such as Soul pick elements as their faction.  Mandos hadn’t had interaction like this with a faction since the Rodian Raiders during Tidal and IF Lugormod.  Because of this there weren’t any Rival groups for Mandos to fight meaning that Elements and Mandos had to have TFFA’s or fight pre-determined teams.   
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