Kubaz gret story

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Kubaz gret story

Post by Kuba on Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:51 am

I thought to describe my gret story with JKA so:...

It began on Jenova Lugormod server 4 years ago when i was kid... 11 years old...
I met Randalph (my first polish friend in lugor history) he helped me how register etc. My first profession was a jedi and i was not best in being jedi...
Few days later i met Lily, Rageh and Dydzio (Polish jenova team) I played feq months on JW with my friends i always wanted build like Weaponx but i didn't knew event basic commands...  For those few months Dydzio teach me how use Staff and i discowered my merc sniper skill when i heard something about new Rageh vjun2 map i leave JKA idk why...                                                                 I back 2 years later I started playing on Elite Wolves server i met Mars, Outcast and Zeratul (Xion) they was they were and are my friends so i join to my first clan EW i was Kubaa{E.Wolves}*NW but i leave EW for JW i was suprised cuz Lily back so i talk with Rogue (Shameka, Anthony) about join to JW Lily wanted it too so i do it. I had problems because i lame a lot and Rinzler (leader of Warriors caste) demote me from CM to PV (14 To 16 adm lv) When i was -=JW-Kuba-LG=- I build my first map for JW with Axelrouce (rly my map was  shit...) Next i was inactiv for 1 month cuz i had problems with my comp... when i back... i heard... "Jenova ded" so rejoin EW only for 1 week... because EW is full of abusers... So i join to Mandos... Smile

(Omg sorry for bad english ill fix it etc.)

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Re: Kubaz gret story

Post by Geno on Mon Aug 04, 2014 10:58 am

too long to read


I play on the BG server like every day btw, stop saying it's rare to see me
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