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Post by §oul on Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:03 am

Section 1 : Clan Relations

1A) Do not be abusive to another clan member
----This can can internal problems which can escalate very quickly
----Possibility of factioning increases when drama occurs
----Severity of what constitutes "abuse" will be investigated.

1B) All voices are to be heard and respected, regardless of how new or old they are.

1C) Team speak usage is mandatory to ease clan communications during clan events.
----Speaking is not mandatory.
----This rule can be waived due to special circumstances.

1D) The forum must be the main form of communication for clan discussions. Steam chats are fine but are invisible to others and are not permanent.

1E) Proper communication is mandatory, do not spam or rage otherwise your point will be lost.

1F) No unregulated factions allowed. When factions are created, the "other" is created as well, and the other is always treated with less respect and thought as your fellow man.
----As the clan or council may wish, factions or squads can be created to test our strength with each other.
----Heavy oversight will be needed to make sure the members of such faction/squad swear loyalty to the clan and not to the leader.

1G) Personal issues between clan members should be resolved in private and not to be talked about on the forums. If you wish you can request a mediator to help end it.

Section 2 : Power

2A) Ultimate authority lies within a voted in council, however practical authority still resides in the military hierarchy.
---- Practical authority meaning, using authority while casually gaming or in clan events.
---- All soldiers must follow the orders of someone with a superior rank within reason and as long as it doesn't contradict a law.

2B) Major clan changes go through a clan-wide referendum.

2C) Only the council has the authority to promote/demote people. If a person in the council has to be promoted/demoted they will be barred from voting.
---- A temporary voter will be selected from the clan.
---- Decisions should be made with reasons and not a number, especially with regards to someones worth. No forum polling allowed for these serious actions.

2D) Abuse of power will be dealt with severely, it will first go through a court which will be either proctored by the council or an appointed judge to determine a suitable punishment.

2E) Donations in the form of of servers,utlities, etc will be treated as SUCH . A thank you will be enough, do not expect rewards in return.

Section 3 : Rights

3A) All Mandalorians have a right to free speech, no rank or group has the authority to silence you. You may report corruption and abuse without fear.
----Beware as you can still be punished
----You can report anyone, even superior officers and Councillors if you believe your reasons are sound.

3B) All Mandalorians have the right to launch an investigation if they deem something wrong.
---- Examples being, unfair promotions, unfair treatment, corruption, abuse.

----One who wishes to engage an investigation into a particular situation concerning another member ought to make sure he has both sound reasoning and satisfactory proof for beginning such an investigation. Otherwise, if an investigation is called for loosely without taking proper care to gather enough evidence to launch one, it may either get rejected or may not be treated very seriously.

3C) All Mandalorians have the right to due process if a report is issued against him/her. The matter will be settled at court by a Jury of their Peers, Tribunal, Judge, or Council. This being in order of how grave the report is.
----If you feel you have been judged unfairly you may ask for a retrial and an investigation.

3D) All Mandalorians have the right to their own privacy and leisure time, there will be no force to attend clan events or use team speak chat.
---- Warning : This may lead to your reputation decreasing within the clan.

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Post by Guest on Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:10 pm

if you can't have fights on the forum then why is there a ''fight room'' section

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Post by Snoke on Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:06 pm

if its there im sure for a good reason

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Post by Jakar Solice on Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:14 pm

There's a fight section for those people who can't control themselves and feel they have to post rants every week.

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Post by Marek on Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:21 pm

I only rant on steam.

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