Recruitment Guidelines

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Recruitment Guidelines

Post by Tasmann on Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:11 pm

This is a complete guideline to recruitment and everything you need to know about admission/membership.

Recruitment Procedure

   Section I. - Qualities and Attributes Sought in a Recruit

        (1) Strength. A recruit should be handle some sort of weapon with considerable ease. He does not have to be the #1 professional, but he needs to be able to exhibit an ability to fight in combat with success.

        (2) Honor. He should also be able to exhibit a strong sense of honor, meaning that he does not moan, whine, complain, or make excuses for when he loses. He is expected to be able to take the loss like a man. On the flip-side, the recruit should not have a tendency to boast of his skills or victories to his opponents in order to assert his dominance over them. A warrior does not simply brag or boast about what he is capable of doing; rather, he actually does it. Competitiveness is still a good trait to have, but should be moderated.

        (3) Discipline. A recruit should not exhibit the mentality of a two-year-old. He should show some form of maturity, and be able to maintain a good composure and comportment of himself and his actions. Each member is a representative of the clan, and thus should behave as such.

        (4) Dedication. A recruit should exhibit a willingness to stay true to the clan. Issues such as double-clanning should never exist. We do not tolerate those who seek to double-clan during their time here nor those who are part of another clan who want to also simultaneously be a member of ours.

        (5) Trust. A recruit should be trustworthy. This is best shown by being transparent in his behavior and his application. This quality is built up during time in the clan by practicing loyalty, honor, and discipline.

    Section II. - The Process of Recruitment

        (1) Things the applicant must supply in his application. The items that each applicant is required to provide are as follows:

                 1. Age
                 2. Timezone(s)
                 3. Native language, and, if applicable, second language
                 4. Time spent playing Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Moviebattles, Lugormod, anything related to JKA)
                 5. Previous clans, if applicable.
                 6. Reason for applying to the Mandalorian Armed Forces (MAF).
                 7. Provide additional contact info. (Steam, etc...)

        (2) Formatting of the application. The application should be a simple post in the Recruitment section, with everything listed above provided. DO NOT format it as a poll with yes or no as options, simply format it as a post with the listed required items.

        (3) Duration for the application. Ideally, all applications should be given at least three days after being initially made to be processed through. This way, most current members will be able to put their two cents in if they so desire. No application should go anymore than five days without an answer.

        (4) Initial granting of rank and tag structure in-game. All applicants who are accepted by the clan, unless otherwise instructed, are to be enrolled at the rank of Private (Pvt). The clan tags to be worn should be in all black, and should follow the game-name, which is traditionally colored blue when combined with the black tag. It should look like this: Gamename[Mandalorian.Pvt]. Note that it is traditional to have the game name be in blue, as it is a long-time custom of this clan. However, it is not absolutely required. The part that IS required is the all-black tag with the brackets, in which are included "Mandalorian" followed by a period (.) and rank (Pvt).

     Section III. - Duties As a Member of the Mandalorian Armed Forces

        (1) Fulfilling the qualities listed above in Section I. (Strength, Honor, Discipline, Dedication, and Trust).
        (2) Actively participating in the clan. This includes being active on the forums, actively participating in-game, being involved in clan events, etc...
        (3) Representing the clan positively to outsiders. Give off a good image of the clan, not a negative one. Be a shining example.
        (4) Be actively in search of new recruits. If you see potential candidates or have friends who want to join, point them here.
        (5) When on servers owned by other people, if you do see a potential recruit, approach him privately. Most other servers have rules against recruiting on their servers, so be respectful of this. Only on our own server or where recruitment is 100% allowed should we do mass advertisement.
        (6) If assigned to a squad, be sure to follow and respect your squad leader, and obey his orders. He is in charge of the squad for a reason. Make sure to be a frequent participant in squad functions. This is not a suggestion, this is an order.
        (7) Try to attract people to our own server. If other Mandos are currently online somewhere or you have a way to contact them, try to organize a get-together if you can on our server so that we can get a population going day-to-day. This is not an order restricting you from going to another server mind you, but rather it is an imperative to try to boost our population when possible. Obviously you are not expected to sit alone on our server for four hours hoping that someone will eventually come on. This kind of thing is why we share ways of contacting each other such as Steam, so that we can organize and do these kinds of things together.
        ( Communicate with us. We often use teamspeak in game, so don't be shy when you come online. Join up on our teamspeak if you can. You'll find the address in one of the member-only sections of the forums. You are not required to be on teamspeak 24/7 while in game, however we do require that you be able to use teamspeak if possible. This is for the sake of training sessions which are conducted by the different squads.
        (9) Constantly challenge yourself to improve and hone your skills. One of the distinguishing facts about us as a part of our long tradition is that we are warriors. In the game, we constantly strive to be the best and defeat our enemies. We must practice at all aspects of the game, whether that be guns, sabers, or what not. We are about strength and honor, and we promote proficiency in all fighting styles, and specialization in a select few of your choosing.
       (10) Consider your fellow Mandos to be your brethren in-game. We are a close, tight-nit group that shares a bond unlike most other clans you see in the game today. We are not the biggest, but we have a lot of quality and character in each individual, and we share quite a strong bond and unity. Assist in building up that bond by always being there, as another one of our brothers-in-arms. As our most recently retired Mandalore Colofett always taught as our unified motto, Strength and Honor! 

     Section IV. - Administration of Promotions

       (1) Proving oneself as worthy of promotion. There are many actions through which a person can prove that he is ready for promotion, and truth be told, these are sometimes relative. What is meant by this is that the grounds for promotion for each person are different, they are not always exactly the same. Therefore, there is not one singular list that summarizes absolutely and completely everything that is required in order to be promoted. However, this list is a general guideline that will point you in the right direction:

             1. Exhibiting all the qualities listed above in Section I (Strength, Honor, Discipline, Dedication, and Trust).
             2. Fulfilling all of the duties outlined in Section III. and beyond.
             3. Working to promote the health and well-being of the clan.
             4. Contributing of your services consistently to the clan, and staunch defending of its integrity against our foes.
             5. Being consistently active and involved in clan matters and in-game.

       (2) Absolute DO NOT'S. These are things which you should NEVER do in regards to promotions.

             1. Asking for promotions. Never ask for a promotion, ask when you will be promoted, or expect that you are about to be promoted. Always work to achieve a promotion, and then the officers of the clan will recognize your work and will not hesitate to promote you, if it is seen as fitting. Better questions to ask in regards to your promotion are such questions as, "What must I do if I want to be promoted?", etc... Basically, make the questions focus on what you can do in order to achieve promotions.
             2. Complaining about ranks. Do not complain about being at a low rank, nor complain that someone else is at a higher rank than you.
             3. Feeling entitled. No one is entitled to any sort of rank. A person is rewarded a rank that has been deemed worthy of their conduct by those in command. Therefore, one should never have a feeling of entitlement to a rank.
             4. Monetary donations meriting anything. DO NOT assume that any monetary donations made to help maintain the server, the teamspeak, or other things will merit any sort of reward like a promotion or admin access to anything. We do not operate like that.

       (3) The Ranks. Here is a list of the ranks as follows:

             1. Cadet (Cdt) (sub-grunt)
             2. Private (Pvt) (grunt)
             3. Private First Class (PFC) (grunt)
             4. Lance Corporal (LCpl) (grunt)
             5. Corporal (Cpl) (grunt)
             6. Sergeant (Sgt) (sub-officer)
             7. Staff Sergeant (SSgt) (sub-officer)
             8. Master Sergeant (MSgt) (sub-officer)
             9. Sergeant Major (SgtM) (sub-officer)
            10. Lieutenant (Lt) (officer)
            11. Captain (Cpt) (officer)
            12. Major (Mjr) (officer)
            13. Colonel (Col) (officer)
            14. Lieutenant General (LtGen) (officer)
            15. General (Gen) (officer)
            16. Chief (Chief) (officer)

~ Tasmann
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