Dumb conversations Lugor, JA+ and MB2

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Dumb conversations Lugor, JA+ and MB2

Making Oreo ragequit after 1v1 sniper match 5-1 

Random Lugor Troll

Spamming Elite Wolves server

Paper talking about Jamie 

Trolling darksamus aka darkspyro

Jamie coming on MB2 and raging

Admits he is mad

Trolling random AOD, he lost 1v1 dueling to me 

Tater talking about his horrid past

Echo expressing how he really feels

Elite reciting OLD 2007 mando laws on server LOL!

Ezing the Reich clan after they shit talk mandos

Random UK kid gets rekt 

Mad cuz bad

Nightwing gets demoted again by democracy 

Spyro actually says something half way intelligent up until the word, "mandalorin"

I'm a big penis

Making Kael Ragequit out of game to Modern Warfare 2

Paper trying to get me banned on AOD 

On AOD being accused of aimbotting just because I'm good 

0 - War Chief
0 - War Chief

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Dumb conversations Lugor, JA+ and MB2 :: Comments


Post on Wed Sep 07, 2016 6:11 am by Tasmann

This is beautiful

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