Mandalorian History Book 1

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Mandalorian History Book 1

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Mandalorian Annales.

Book One, Origins.  Winter 2004 – Spring 2006.  

1.1 Hatrus Lugormod

Hatrus Lugormod was the planet that the Mandalorians were founded on.  The Planet had its own police department, army, and marine cor.  On Hatrus Lugormod there was an airport open to all people, but flying space was restricted.  The planet was invested with thugs (trolls) and bad police (Admins).  The planet’s leader, Hatrus, was barely ever seen and when he was seen he never interacted with the population.  Freedom of speech was extremely limited on Hatrus and it was because of this that the Mandalorians were formed.  

1.2  L0932

Lopez story begins as a rogue fighter visiting different planets and getting involved in different sieges that were going on at the time. The thrill of these experiences could only could last for so long, and the story of him and the Mandalorian clan would not have been possible if he had not visited his first planet associated with the Lugormod socioeconomic system.  His first experience with a planet hosting the Lugormod system, would be known as Nexus, and during his landing of the planet he was greeted by Pyro, a leader of the Rebel faction who immediately welcomed Lopez at the spaceport, and introduced him the basics of the Lugormod system. Lopez was eventually recruited into the [Rebels] faction after just his first day of his stay at the planet. As a member of the Rebel faction, Lopez learned quite a bit about their ranking system, and about running a faction. Eventually, Pyro, had resigned and had made Lopez leader of the Rebels after Lopez's first 4 weeks in the faction. However, Lopez was not interested in leading the small rag-tag group, and had left the faction after he had heard of other planets that had peaked his interest at the time. 

One of the next planets Lopez had visited, was the expansive dry Planet Hatrus, which he heard about back on Nexus. Upon arrival to the planet he saw a large battle raging on with a large Jawa at the forefront sending rays of lighting to the fighting inhabitants of the planet. Lopez was immediately involved in the fighting and was later jailed along with the other inhabitants. 

During his stay in jail, he found out that the giant was actually named Hatrus, who was the sole ruler of the planet. Lopez stay at the jail did not last very long, and he was released after it was proven that he was not part of any of the civil resistance groups during the fighting. 

After the release, Lopez decided to return back to Nexu where he met his old friend Zion, who was being chased by different Nexu factions, including the Rebels.  Zion asked Lopez for help, and the two of them fought back in an incredible fight.

Zion, and Lopez simultaneously returned back to Hatrus after they were captured and temporarily banned from Nexus. Zion renamed to Noiz, and started his own Imperial clan[Imperials], and titled Lopez as his co-leader.  Life in the Imperials lasted for about a month, and Noiz ended up disappearing after a while, and by then, Lopez had left the group due to waning interest in the Imperial culture. 

One Saturday afternoon when Lopez was collecting credits from the banks on Hatrus, a man wearing a Mandalorian suit of armor who went by the name 'ColoFett' had caught Lopez attention. Lopez previously had a thoughts of starting a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter group on Hatrus, and ColoFett seemed like the man who would be fit to join the group that Lopez had in mind.

1.3 Mandalorian Armed Forces, Origins.  Winter 2004-Fall 2005

The Mandalorian faction originated on Hatrus Lugormod, in winter of 2004 to Spring 2005. ColoFett had inspired Lopez to base the faction after the Mandalorians, a group that Lopez prefered to be part of rather than the Imperials or Rebels. However, the clan had a ranking system that was actually influenced by both the Rebel and Imperial factions. The tags used by the Imperials [Imperial] inspired the style and color of the tags used in Mandalorian tags, while the mando faction rank titles were inspired by the ranks that were in use by the Rebel faction of Nexus at the time. Examples of the original Mandalorian ranks were: Trooper, HvyTrooper, Sniper, Captain, 2nd Leader, and Leader.  The original ranks were assigned to members based on weapon and leadership skills that every individual possessed.  Originally the Mandalorians were called 'Mandolorians', but the name was soon corrected, and the term Mando, which is still in used today, originated with that spelling mistake.  Mandalorians were primarily formed as an anti-laming group, but Mandos quickly gained the reputation as a laming group themselves after the violence on the planet could not be consistently managed. The Admins on Hatrus were not fond of the Mando growth and growing violent behavior, and so a decision was made to restrict their freedom on the planet. No more than five mandos in one area were allowed at any time.  The mando leaders were outraged and attacks on the Hatrus administration were unleashed. The conflict escalated to the point where the Hatrus Administration threatened to have the Planet on lockdown and had the spaceports closed to outsiders.  The Mandos had to leave once again, in search for another home before the lockdown took place. The last sighting of Hatrus, the leader of the planet, was in the later years at planet Tidal. Notable Mandos from the time of Origins include: Lopez, ColoFett, Outlaw, and Avatar.

1.4 Vance/Galaxy Lugormod.  The beginning of the Glory Days.  Fall – Winter 2005

With the complete lockdown of Hatrus Lugormod, Mandos were forced to go to another plane, this time, they chose the planet of Vance. Vance was a harsh planet, even for the Mandos. There were many thugs on the server. Some of these thugs joined the Mandos in large numbers, which gave Mandos the reputation as a violent gang of thugs. One of the first groups that formed in response to the growing Mandalorian clan was the group known as the “Jawa Resistance”, which consisted of some members from the Nexu [JAWA] faction. The resistance group was fairly small and not very well organized. The Mandos and the Jawa Resistance fought famously in a Cantina that took place on Trip_2 where shots from Concussion rifles where constantly in presence. It was one of the Mandalorians first long standing battles against another faction.. The Jawa Resistance group eventually disbanded and some ended up joining the Mandalorians. The Mandos populated Vance at an astonishing rate that admins started having concerns. There was  public forum discussion about the Mandalorian threat that took place. The Mando Leader, Lopez, was brought to a council meeting in the hope to spark an agreement to stunt Mando growth and an end to the violence.  But no no suitable terms were agreed upon, and eventually the Vance administration decided to permanently ban every Mandalorian from the planet after a ruling in a court took place. The Mandos were once again forced to restart and find another planet. Notable Mandos from this time include, Geno, MrEd, Cookie, Zeta, and Jedi007.
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