Mandalorian History Book 3

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Mandalorian History Book 3

Post by ColoFett on Fri May 03, 2013 9:26 pm

Book three, Imperial Fleet era.  April 2006 – July 2006.    

3.1 Imperial Fleet Lugormod.  April – June 2006

Imperial Fleet Lugormod, was the clan planet of {IF}.  Their ally (SI) Second Imperium also inhabited this planet.  Imperial Fleet was led by Tyrannus and the Second Imperium was led by Chizale.  Mandos came and settled on the Imperial Fleet planet in mass.  The Mandos saved up money for a base, and it was this that led to the Great {IF} war.  After the war, the Mandos and Imperial fleet co-existed under friendly terms.  But tensions were still high until Mandos were able to find a new home.    

3.2 {IF} War.  May 2006.

The Mandalorians declared war on the Imperial Fleet for two reasons. One, The Mandos raised money to buy a base and the Imperial Fleet soon destroyed it to make their own base. The second reason for the war was because the Imperial Fleet hired the Mandalorians as anti-lamers, and didn’t treat them respect

Lopez, The mandalore, was so fustrated with them, that he finally declared war. Many people were against the war at first, but they soon realised that the mandalorians were becoming a ''threat''. When the first battle started, the whole planet was against the Mandalorians, (SI) and {IF} had joined forces together against the Mandos. As weeks passed by, more people were afraid of the mandos, so they decided not to take part. As the Mandalorians won more battles, they gained more respect.  

The Imperial Fleet was dying, they lost their Hopefuls, {IF} recruits, and they lost their members. Most of them left to join the Mandalorians. The hopefuls were the heart of the clan, without them, the clan would fall. So Lopez recruited as many hopefuls as possible. Many hopefuls soon quit Mandos to join other clans. Two hopefuls that were recruited into the Mandalorians were Latte and Ace. Latte is currently a Council Member.

The Imperial Fleet wanted the war to end, so they declared a peace treaty to the Mandalorians. Everyone was relieved when they heard that the war was finally over. No more violence and hatred. Many people think the Mandos won the war. They left a huge scar on IF for many months. The Imperial Fleet would never fully recover.  

During this war the Mandalorian Airforce was formed under the leadership of Jack.  Members from this time include, Latte, Ace, Peace, and Alezzx    

3.3 Mandalorian Lugormod.  June – July 2006.  

With the stressed tensions between Mandos, and the Imperial Fleet, and Second Imperium, Mandos began to look for a new home.  Mandalorians had one ally at the time and that was CA, Clan Atlantis.  Aerial, who had left Mandos to found CA with Wizard, had returned to Mandos and with that an Alliance was formed.  The Mando and CA alliance was the greatest alliance in Mandos history.  CA had a server in development but for the time being, Mandos needed a home.  A long time Mando member, Jedi007, who ran the Forums for the Mandos took the initiative and made a planet for Mandos.  

The planet created by Jedi007 was initially met with great enthusiasm.  There were some great promises made so morale towards the server that was made.  However, one by one the promises fell short.  The planet was unstable and the building was sub-average.  The Mando council began to push Jedi007 to deliver.  After more promises and more short fallings.  The Mando council demanded improvements or we will find a new home.  Jedi007, decided to shut down both the server and the forums and leave mandos.  Mandos were left homeless and Forumless.  But the Mando Officer, Peace, setup his own Forum for the Mandos, a Forum that is still up to this day.  Mandos decided to wait until the highly anticipated server being made by Clan Atlantis.
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