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Mandalorian History Book 4

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Book four, Tidal Lugormod.  July 2006 – May 2009

4.1 The Early Days.  July 2006 – December 2006.

Tidal Lugormod opened on July 21st, 2006.  Clan Atlantis was a clan of sea people who lived underwater and in damp environs led by Wizard and Drayn.  It was an instant hit.  The relationship between Mandos and CA was fantastic.  ColoFett was given admin and made the Mando representative to CA.  Wizard and Drayn created a secret forum for the Mando leaders and CA leaders.  Mandos were included in every server decision.  Out of every planet that Mandos inhabited, Tidal was the fairest to its population with the exception of Dead Tree.  The minimum presence of the admins made the server have a real sense of freedom.  There was a quest guild where the leaders took a number of players on a story quest.  Events on Tidal were common, from tournaments to races.  Mandos were given equal rights on the server to CA.  Mandos were allowed to openly recruit and advertise.  Mandos and CA often engaged in team battles.  Internally on Tidal the Mandos was strong.  But externally Mandos encountered some resistance

A couple of clans that Mandos have had problems with in the past decided to attack Mandos.  The first clan to do so was MOO.  Mandos and MOO had an uneasy relationship at best ever since Dead Tree was handed over in the control of MOO.  In August 2006, MOO declared war on Mandos.  Clan Atlantis refused to join the war.  However, they refused to Attack Mandos on their home turf.  Mandos made the first aggressive move.  Mandos carried off a series of raids on the MOO planet.  But after the initial attacks the war was quiet.  The war went on for two weeks.  ColoFett decided that the fighting was going nowhere, so he travelled to the MOO server to negotiate a peace.  However, ColoFett did this without the consent of the Council and the Council declared it a surrender rather than a peace treaty.  The Second clan to attack mandos was the Second Imperium, (SI).  The SI made several attacks against Mandos on Tidal, but they were easily repelled.  Mandos were winning the war and the SI attacks on Mandos became less and less frequent.  ColoFett went to the SI to negotiate a Peace treaty, but poor wording on ColoFett’s part made it look like Mandos were surrendering to SI.  One Mando, Geno despised this and thus began the great rivalry between Colo and Geno.  

Mandos had removed the external threats, but due to a conspiracy the Mando relationship with Clan Atlantis was strained to breaking point.  Jedi007, returned to Tidal and threatened to Hack Tidal.  With false information the CA leaders believed that Jedi007 was still aligned with Mandos and broke the Alliance with Mandos.  Mandos lost all their rights on Tidaland the reputation of Mandos sunk to a new low on Tidal.  In an attempt to restore the Alliance and the Mando reputation, ColoFett came up with a plan to make Mandos honourable warriors.  He started the New Model Army, or NMA.  Originally, it was made to be a guild of Mando Anti-Lamers.  The plan was to make every mandos join, but only a few joined up.  Lopez wasn’t happy with the slow progess so he decided to make the NMA a group to distinguish the Elite fighters in Mandos.  On Tidal, Geno was antagonizing the CA admins, and Colo got in a fight with him over the ordeal because Colo was trying to re-establish the alliance with CA.  After Mandos proved that Jedi007 was no longer with Mandos, and Geno was brought down a notch CA agreed to ally with mandos again.  Additionally, Mandos negotiated an Alliance with SI due to Colo’s connections to the clan.  

After the formation of the NMA, various other guilds began to be formed.  NMA, was led by ColoFett.  Jack, was leader and founder of the Airforce which was founded earlier at the time of the IF war.  jack was founder of Intel and Kimmy was made leader of Intel.  Members were also given permission to make squads in an attempt to organize the clan in to smaller fighting groups under an officer.  The most famous of which was Delta squad, which included, Jango, Kizko, Neko, and Bongo.  Cody would later replace Bongo.  Another famous Squad that was formed in the near future was the Blue Dragons led by Tater, the squad included Tater, Kirby, Latte, Sage, Lopez and Fett.  

Back on Tidal, trouble was brewing.  A group called cR-, the Crimson Rebellion had established themselves on the planet and were aggressively recruiting Mando and CA members.  This was the first time that Mandos and CA fought in a war together.  Mandos had solidified an Alliance with SI, and they also joined the war against cR-.  Another Mando ally, SH, also joined the war against cR-.  The war went on for several weeks and Tidalbecame a battlefield.  Eventually, cR- retreated from Tidal and quit the war due to internal problems.  cR- renamed to Crew and was led by Slaxer who was kicked out of leadership of Crew and joined CA.  Slaxer also spent some time in Mandos.  SH, a Mando ally immediately betrayed Mandos and declared war within days of the victory over cR-.  They kept on saying that Mandos will fall.  But the war lasted only a couple days, and merged with UK, United Knights, which was another ally to Mandos.  

4.2 {UK}, and the UK war.  December 2006.  

{UK} was led by Stylus, and to this day is currently called Unreal.  Mandos and UK created an Alliance shortly before the cR- war.  UK offered the same agreement that Mandos had with CA, which was open recruitment and open advertisement.  Lopez decided to make the UK planet a co-home to Tidal.  Some Mandos settled on UK, but most decided to stay on Tidal.  The Alliance with UK was going well for both parties, Until, ColoFett got into a fight with a fellow member, Jnoobs over the possibility of creating a new home server for Mandos.  Jnoobs left mandos and went to UK.  Peace and Ace followed Jnoobs to UK.  After that the Alliance with UK became weaker and weaker, and Mandos started to fall victim to admin abuse.  Mandos were in open discussion about breaking the alliance with UK.  But, UK broke the alliance first and declared war on Mandos.  But Stylus failed to tell the rest of his clan that they were at war with Mandos until it was too late.  Mandos led several attacks against UK.  The Mandos who had left for UK, returned except for Ace who became and remained Clanless.  Along with them came Tater, Fett, and Sage.  One day, a raiding party from UK came to Tidal and attacked the Mandos on the server.  The UK soldiers were obliterated and they began to complain to their leader about planning before attacking.  They returned to the UK planet.  But, Lopez led a legion of Mandos after them, and sacked the planted.  The Planet was destroyed.  UK was disbanded, but shortly revived under the name of uR.  To This day, UK/uR never recovered, and if the war is mentioned to Stylus to this day he still gets a twitchy eye.  A former UK, member who joined mandos, called Bloodrayne, a female member managed to create a peace with UK under the orders of Lopez.  But Mandos and uR would be fighting a war again less than a year later.  Notable members from this time include: Tater, Fett, and BloodRayne  

4.3 Tidal Lugormod, The Turbulent days.  Jan 2007 – September 2007.

After the UK war mandos returned to Tidal.  But stability only lasted for a month or so after the New Year.  Mandos began to suffer from internal and external threats.  Tidal, developed a faction system allowing factions to be registered to the server to fight for bases.  The most formidable of these factions was the RODIAN RAIDERS.  Both parties, liking war started to attack each other.  The small friendly battles erupted in to personal rivalries a full scale battles that overflowed out of the designated faction maps.  Both Mandos and RODIAN RAIDERS suffered heavily from the war and member count on all sides diminished.  Mando and RODIAN RAIDER members fell out of activity and the population of Tidal shrank because of the constant fighting.  

Because of the fighting on Tidal, Mandos began to look for a new home.  A Mando council member, Peace, offered to create a planet called Dxun Lugormod.  Dxun Lugormod was a comfortable planet with good architecture and good management.  However, things would fall south and Geno2.0 and Peace got into a huge fight, and caused serious unrest in Mandos.  Geno, being Polish had brought in several Polish members to Mandos, and created a Polish mafia.  All of the Polish members began to fight Peace, and the various members who had taken Peace’s side.  The dispute almost broke out in to a civil war.  Tensions grew so bad that the both Peace and Geno left the Mandos.  Geno took with him all of his Polish members, including, Univer, Revan, Special, and Goku.  With Peace done Dxun was destroyed.  

At this time various anti-mando groups began to appear on Tidal, and targeted new members and therefore started to cause those new members not fully integrated into mandos to leave, and the numbers of Mandos fell dramatically.  Additionally, the RR revived their attacks on Mandos.  Mando activity was so low, and the activity that was on Tidal was being attacked every moment they were one the server.  The members who stayed with mandos such as, Jango, Tater, Cody, Neko, Latte and Kimmy became battle hardened and became the best fighters that mandos have ever seen due to the constant fighting.  But the weaker Mandos were slaughtered and fled.  

The Mando Council decided that Mandos needed a new home in order to recover.  Mandos moved to the planet called The Gathering, which was the home planet of the Lords of War, LOW.  LOW treated mandos well.  Mandos and LOW fought TFFA’s against each other as well as other events.  However, LOW did not allow Mandos to advertise or recruit on their planet which prevent Mandos to build their clan.  Mandos petitioned to return to Tidal, but it was no denying that the good days of Tidal were over.  Races and Tournaments were no longer held, and the Quest Guild has disappeared.  After discussion in the Mando council there was the decision to return to Tidal.  Over the summer the Mandos began to become soft, as RODIAN RAIDER activity on Tidal had become smaller and also that RR and Mandos had become allies, and various Mandos, such as Tater and Latte joined RR as their faction.  There were some rumours that {IF} was planning to attack Mandos again, after talks with the Imperial Fleet commanders, the rumours were silenced.  

4.4 Tidal Lugormod, Revival and the uR war. September 2007 – February 2008.  

By the Fall of 2007, Mandalorian activity had increased, recruitment had picked up again.  Mandos were fighting with the Jedi Faction on Tidal which helped develop Mandalorian skills.  Stylus, the old leader of UK, has his new clan uR established, and they requested an Alliance with CA.  Because of this, uR began to be active on Tidal.  The Mandalorians, for the most part, ingored them apart from the occasional insult.  But, suddenly three mandos arrived on the planet with uR tags on, two of the three were Bongo, and Unknown.  The Mandos declared these members are traitors and accused Unreal of stealing Mandos.  Mandos, with the help of RR constantly attacked the Unreal planet.  Unreal, instead of fighting, banned and jailed every Mando that appeared on their planet.  So mandos took another approach.  Mandos sent ex-Unreal members who had joined mandos back into Unreal to call upon their friends who were still in Unreal to rebel.  The plan worked like clockwork.  Several rebellions broke out in Unreal, and the Clan was torn apart.  Stylus, once again was forced to destroy his planet and disband his clan.  A Year later, Unreal was reborn under the same name but with different tags, and are still alive today, but are a skeleton of what they once were.  

Shortly after the war with Unreal, Ancient Mandalorians began to return to Mandos.  Some of these members include:  Cookie, Saiyan, Avatar, and Zeta.  Additionally various people who were allies or friends to mandos joined up, such as Nut, Cody and later in the year Congo.  

4.5 Malachor Lugormod, and Jack’s demotion March – Fall 2008.  

Jnoobs, a veteran from the Mandos returned and announced that he was building a new home for the Mandos, called Malachor Lugormod.  The Mando leader went to Malachor and decided that Malachor would become Mando’s new home.  Malachor was the closest thing that Mandos had to a real home planet, it lasted the longest and captured the Mando way the best.  Various Council members helped construct the planet.  There were many memorials to Mandalorian heroes, and wars.  There was a battle arena for Mandos to test their skills, and the planet was covered in dense forests filled with secrets from Mandalorian history.  Mando population increased while on this planet, and eventually non-mando population also increased, to the point that it would rival Tidal.

However, one flaw was that admin was being given out to Mandos who were incapable of handling the responsibility.  One such Mando was Jack who was a long time chief and council member.  He was accused of abusing and being overly harsh on lower ranked members and was therefore removed from his position and replaced by Latte who won in a chief election.  Jack would later be promoted back up to Chief.  

4.6 The End of Tidal Lugormod Take One.  Winter 2008 – Spring 2009.  

Mandos made their home on Malachor for several months, but Jnoobs unexpectedly went inactive and Malachor Lugormod deteriorated and fell out of existence.  Mandos returned to Tidal Lugormod, but activity was slow.  Tidal which was once praised for its good admins had become invested with poor admins such as Crazy.  Mando Activity was also slow.  At that time, there were three fully active mandos, Cor, Latte, and ColoFett.  ColoFett fell inactive due to other business, and Cor left Mandos because of the lack of presence on Tidal.  Latte moved to the IF planet.  Latte brought a short wave of Mando activity on IF including:  Tater, Vaapad, and Jango.  But no new members were signing up for Mandos, and the Mando leaders were nowhere to be seen.  In the Spring of 2009, Wizard the Leader of CA, announced that he was closing down Tidal.  There was a ceremony on Tidal, but there was almost no Mando representation, only Kyuubi and ColoFett were present.  

Tidal Lugormod was greatly missed among the community.  Most Mandos considered their time in the JKA world to be over.  But Wizard would revive Tidal in a few months’ time
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