Mandalorian History Book 5

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Mandalorian History Book 5

Post by ColoFett on Fri May 03, 2013 11:23 pm

Book Five. Death and Rebirth, Death and Rebirth. June 2009 – December 2011.

5.1 Rebirth on Imperial Fleet. Summer 2009.

Over the summer of 2009, Mandos made an attempt to remain active on the Imperial Fleet planet. During this time there were almost no new recruits. The few who did join include: Jonii, Grif, and Church. In addition to Mandos, the RODIAN RAIDERS also tried to stay alive on Imperial Fleet, being led by POLAK. But in October, Tyrannus announced that disbanding of IF and the destruction of the planet. The planet was abandoned and Mandos fell out of activity. A group of Mandos were concerned with how Mandos was being governed, and felt that Lopez was being unfair acting Tyrannical. Various Ancient Mandos announced their resignation from Mandos, after the dispute with Lopez. This was a major blow to Mandos at the time, and guaranteed the death of Mandos. All of the Ancient mandos that left after this dispute would return and all of them are still in Mandos to this day. Kimmy would later blame Cody for the disintegration of Mandos and for Mutinying against Lopez. Mandos for all intents and Purposes died.

5.2 Rebirth on Tidal Lugormod. Winter 2009 – Spring 2010

Tidal Lugormod was revived back in the late summer of 2009. It received a good flow of population. After a long talk, Lopez and ColoFett decided to revive mandos. Lopez set up a new forum and ColoFett started to recruit new members. Only one member of note is worth mentioning and that was Macro. Macro was active and his enthusiasm to rebuild Mandos was admirable. Some Ancient Mandos also agreed to return, such as Tater, Latte, and Jango. But this revival was short lived. Macro went inactive and resigned from mandos due to personal reasons. After this Lopez and Colo lost interest and Mandos fell out of Activity Again, and the Forums disappeared.

5.3 Rebirth by Jonii. Late Summer 2010

Former Mando member Jonii, contacted various Ancient Mandos including Lopez, ColoFett, Grif, Neko and Kimmy. A new Forum was created but there was no real revival in activity on JKA. There was one meeting on Tidal Lugormod, but the revival never took off. The forum that Jonii created was quickly shut down. Kimmy would later accuse Jonii of wanting to take the Mandalore rank from Lopez.

5.4 Rebirth on Rogue Lugormod. Winter 2010 – Spring 2011

Mandos made another Revival in the Winter of 2010. Euclid, leader of the Rogue clan contacted what remaining Mandos there were in JKA and who he was able to get in contact with. He offered to share his server as a home for Mandos, and offered to create a Forum. Various Ancient Mandos lived on Rouge for a while, including Jack. A notable recruit from the Rogue Period was PARADE. Rouge was disbanded and Mandos fell out of Activity. Parade remained loyal to Mandos, and spent the next year and a half on BOSS, still wearing Mando tags. He would later be kicked from Mandos after causing problems in the future.

5.5 Inactivity. Fall 2010 – Winter 2011.

During the Mando inactivity, various Ancient Mandos were scattered on JKA. Tater lived on BOSS for a time as a RODIAN RAIDER. Neko, and Jango played Various different games together. Lopez and ColoFett played Call of Duty together. A facebook group, and a steam group were created in the hope that as many old Mandos as possible could remain in contact. Over the years many Mandos became more than just clan mates, they became friends outside of the gaming world.

In October, 2011 Wizard Leader of CA announced that Tidal would be shut down and that all efforts of Clan Atlantis would be directed towards other games. Clan Atlatis is currently being led by Wizard with divisions in Guild Wars 2, and World of Warcraft under the name Atlantean army.

5.6 Revival on Jenova Lugormod. December 2011.

In December 2011, Lopez contacted ColoFett to announce that hes reviving Mandos. ColoFett was very skeptical at first because of the previous failures. Out of boredom, Colo went to the Planet that Lopez had told him about. When he arrived on the Planet he met Soul, and Ordo, who brought Colo up to date, and helped him develop his skills. Colo fell back into the world of JKA, but he knew that it was all or nothing. He dived into an old forum and sent a mass email to every Mando registered on that Forum. Members who answered and returned were: Aerial, Avatar, Tater, Kimmy, Cody, Jango, Neko, Latte, Jack, Peace, Kizko, Bane, Halcyon and Fett. Most of who are still with Mandos today.
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