Mandalorian History Book 6

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Mandalorian History Book 6

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Book six.  Jenova Lugormod.  Winter 2011 – Spring 2013

6.1 Jenova Warriors and Jenova Lugormod

Jenova Warriors are led by Tiger.  Jenova had a system of giving every member in JW admin.  It was basically a way of bribing members in to the clan which has proven to cause problems for both people in the clan and outside the clan.  In 2007 there was a dispute between Tiger, and Phred over the right to use with Tiger coming out on top at the anger of most of the Lugormod population.  Jenova was a break away clan from GOD clan.  An alliance request from JW to CA was rejected on the terms that Tiger was trying to take over the Lugormod community, and the pleads from GOD who was already an ally with CA.  JW died and was revived again in 2011.  The server and clan fell short where many clans excelled.  The maps by JW were bland and varied very little from map to map, and the leaders of JW were very disconnected with their members and didn’t very little activities with them.  

6.2 Rebuilding, December 2011 – Jan 2012

The Mandos first goal was to recruit and grow.  Immediately various people took interest in Mandos.  People in JW mistook Mandos to be a faction instead of a clan because for some reason there was a criteria written that decided whether a group was a clan or faction, and they joined up believing that they could be in both at once.  Mandos, being desperate for members, went along with it and allowed JW to believe that they were a faction.  Members from JW who joined mandos under the impression that it was a faction were: Meta, Swil, Creater and Ganja.  Other members who joined Mandos knowing it was a clan was Oreo, Trooper, and Flippy.  Mandos didn’t have a forum at this time as they believed that it was just another platform for drama, and the clan was small enough at the time that Mandos didn’t need one.  

Mandos reinstated squads, Ganja mad a squad called Rastas Troopas, Oreo had a squad called Napalm Rangers, and Trooper had a squad called Mandalorian trainers.  By January, 2012 Mandos grew in strength and were becoming a more formidable presence on JW.  Tensions began to grow between JW and Mandos.  DarkJester, and Sky started to accuse Mandos of being a clan and misleading JW by making them believe that they were a faction.  Mandos infact did nothing as it was JW’s prejudice that made them think that Mandos were a faction.  Tensions started to increase as Mandos started to fall to constant Abuse from the incapable Admins in JW, most notably being Jester.  JW decided that Mandos were a clan, even though they were a clan all along, but due to their ignorance they didn’t realize it.  Tensions grew even higher as Mandos organized raides on JW.  Tater and Jango found themselves banned very quickly.  Mando’s recruitment and advertising rights were removed.  So the Mando council sent Trooper and Oreo on missions to other servers to recruit people and bring them over to JW.  Some of these Mandos include:  Kyton, Terevolt, Therdole, Spore, Bobafeet and Fadal.

6.3 Community Lugormod.  Feb - March 2012

Mando Veteran, Chief, and Council member, Aerial offered to build a server and make a forum for Mandos.  Mandos were in deep need to have a place to recruit and since mandos had grown they were in a need of the forum for record keeping.  The planet was created and maps created.  Aerial and Mandos had hoped that the population would desire the old way of Lugor by completing quests, hunting for stashes and actually working to get Credits.  However, the population of the day preferred to be spoon fed credits.  The Planet fell short of the demands of the population and was soon abandoned.  Mandos returned to JW and negotiated a recruitment and advertising deal with Tiger.  

6.4 Trooper’s Betrayal.  April – May 2012  

In April 2012, Trooper began to push Colo to take Mandalore, and claimed that it was the only way for Mandos to move forward.  Kimmy was quick to warn Colo about the possibilities of Trooper betraying Mandos.  But, Lopez felt that Trooper was the perfect Mando and that he would never betray Mandos.  Trooper learned that the Mandos wanted to improve their relations with JW, in the hope to establish a better political foothold in JW as JW excluded Mandos from server decisions despite Mandos making more than half of the planet’s population.  Trooper, for reasons unknown decided to go undercover to JW with the help of a couple JW members, one of who was The DT.  Trooper did this without the approval of either the Mando Council or Intel.  Trooper was discovered, and DT was demoted in JW.  Trooper then decided that because Mandos should merge with JW, again without the approval of the Council.  Reasons for this are unknown, some say that it was the pursuit of personal power, others say that it was a misinterpretation of “allying with JW”.  Trooper lied to the clan saying that ColoFett ordered it to happen.  Oreo and Flippy refused to believe that Colo would give such an order and refused to go with Trooper to JW.  Several members not knowing what to do went with Trooper to JW.  Latte contacted Colo about what happened.  With the work of fellow Council members, everything that Trooper had done was reversed, and all members who went to JW returned back to Mandos.  Oreo and Flippy were promoted for their loyalty, and Trooper left Mandos in shame.  Trooper remains in JW to this day.  

6.5 Rebellion, War, and the struggle for recognition.  Summer 2012

Mandos on every planet they’ve lived on had to fight to be recognized.  They had the hardest time to be recognized on Jenova.  For some reason the population of Jenova blindly follow their leaders and anyone who says differently is an enemy.  Jenova leadership is completely disconnected with their members whereas Mando leadership try to listen and connect with the rest of the clan.  Because of this, Mandos were considered outsiders and were victims and used as scapegoats.  Flippy was banned for laming fellow Mando members in an agreed fight.  Certain JW members such as Worf and Sky were on the warpath to remove Mandos from the JW, despite Mandos making up over half of the planet’s population.  Various admins such as Beer, Raziel, and Waffle supported Mandos in their quest to become recognized, as they realized the importance Mandos were to JW in order to keep the planet populated.

Mandos also suffered small wars from small factions from BOSS.  The best way to describe it is that Mandos are the Roman Empire and the Factions were Barbarian tribes harassing the Romans.  The names of these factions were the Elfs and Dwarfs.  Mandos allied with another faction called the Bunnies against the other two.  The Bunnies and Dwarfs are all but gone, and the Elfs have been reduced to a couple members who run around like chickens with their heads cut off.  

Mandos suffered from a Rebellion during this time as well.  Order believed that he could do a better job at Mandalore than any of the Mando leader.  So he formed a breakaway clan called the Deathguard.  Several Mandos went with him, but most Mandos paid backt he trust their leaders had in them and remained with Mandos and fought the DeathGuard.  The Death Guard were destroyed within a week and Ordo joined JW.  None of the members who rebelled against the Mandos were allowed back in.  Thankfully the Mandos who had left to rebel were Mandos who weren’t as desireable as others were.

6.6 Searching for Alternate routes.  Fall - Winter 2012.

It was clear that Mandos were not going to get the recognition that they wanted.  Mando council members began to throw out ideas of moving to other Galaxies.  One idea that came up was moving to Star Wars Galaxies EMU.  The idea came from an old Mando ally, POLAK, from the RODIAN RAIDERS.  Polak and ColoFett decided that they would try to build their clans together on SWGEMU.  Most of the active Mandos at the time went to SWGEMU, and they bought a city.  But painfully boring activities and little interest from other players meant that Mandos quickly left SWGEMU.  

Back in the Galaxy of JKA, Mando leaders were approached by an old Lugormod Veteran who had been at Lugormod since the start, Shad0w.  Shadow propsed to make a new planet, called Paragon Lugormod.  Shadow and Aerial worked hard to build maps.  Initial success of the server had Shadow upbeat, but sudden decline of activity caused shadow to question whether or not he should keep the planet.  After a very short amount of time shadow abandoned his planet, gave his maps to JW, and joined JW.  

Mandos were once again in a situation.  JW wasn’t a friendly place and there were no other options.  Kyton came forward with the idea of moving to the Galaxy of Planetside 2.  Certain Mando members didn’t like the idea saying that Mandos should live and die with JKA.  But the Mando leaders went with Kyton to Planetside 2 to create a Mando oufit.  Tater, feeling like his time in Mandos had come to an end resigned.  But to the joy of the entire Mando council he returned the next spring.  Repetitive activities, and the inability to get used to how outfits worked in Planetside 2, Mandos left the Galaxy and returned to JKA.

6.7 Return to Jenova Lugormod and the Emergence of Elite Wolves.  January 2013

Mandos had no choice but to return to JW, as no other planet at the time was suitable to Mandos.  However, JW was suffering from constant internals struggle as dysfunctional constitutional system started to bite them in the back side.  Certain JW members, such as Trooper and Beer, realized that Mandos were needed, because Mandos were the majority of the population and that Mandos had greater connections to the rest of the population than JW.  So they offered ColoFett a position in the JW council to act as a Mando representative and as representative of the rest of the population.  Since then ColoFett has worked to get new systems in place to JW that were similar to Tidal.  JW have taken these ideas and promised to introduce them.  But so far there have only been promises and no action.

Elite Wolves was a small clan with a server that was relatively unknown planet.  Mandos landed on the Elite Wolves planet on request of AzyRae.  Mandos brought a great amount of activity to Elite Wolves.  Many people who lived on EW and/or JW joined Mandos at this time, including: Sev, Nightwing, JTLewis, Red, Gyro, Delta, and Mars.

6.8 Loss of a Legend and Usurp.  February, 2013.

Jack, leader of the Airforce, founder of Intel, long time Council member and Chief of the Mandalorian armed Foreces surprisingly announced his resignation.  This caused one of the biggest ripples in Mando history.  Jack had been one of Mandos most valuable members throughout the many years that he had been with Mandos.  For a while the council wasn’t sure that they wanted to continue running Mandos with the loss of Jack.

Lopez for a long time had been inactive.  Lopez would often make a promise that he would return.  Many council members were displeased with this and began to that new leadership was needed.  Several Council members came to ColoFett with the idea of him becoming Mandalore, but they convinced him that new leadership was needed in order to bring Mandos forward.  With the support of the Delta Squad, ColoFett proclaimed himself Mandalore.  This prompted Lopez to return, and set things straight.  ColoFett agreed to keep Co Mandalore as his rank.  This action also helped to bring back Tater, and Jack.  

6.9 Growth and Organization.  March – April 2013

During this time, Mandos exploded in numbers.  A clan called Ordo believed themselves to be a sister clan to Mandos.  They were given the choice to join Mandos or be considered an enemy as there is no such thing as a sister clan to Mandos.  They agreed to join Mandos, and as of date Mandos have received three members from them, being Outcast, Bensku, and Lancet.  

The Mando squads were reorganized to have specific funtions in the clan.  Theyw ere created by the Council and given command to a soldier or NCO who the Council believes is right for that command.  The Mandalorian Sharpshooters are led by Soul, with other members being NightWing, Delta, and Gyro.  The Mandalorian Elites were led by Oreo, with members being Mars, Hawk, Red, and Baron.  The Mandalorian Assassins were led by Sev, with members being Lewis, Tyler and Samus.
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