Mandalorian History Book 7

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Mandalorian History Book 7

Post by ColoFett on Sat May 04, 2013 8:40 pm

Book seven.  Mandalorian Legends

7.1 L0932

Mandalorian leader, and Founder.  Led Mandos to new homes, and led raids against various enemy planets.  Is mandos best trainer and event Organizer.  Started on Nexu, and joined the Rebel clan.  He was proclaimed leader of the Rebel clan, but left to goto Hatrus where he fell victim to admin abuse.  He returned to Nexu and teamed up with Zion who was fighting the various Nexu clans.  Zion and Lopez left Nexu to go back to Hatrus where Zion formed the Imperial clan and names Lopez his Co Leader.  Zion left suddenly, no one knows where.  Lopez left the Imperials and formed his own Bounty Hunter clan called the Mandalorians.  Lopez has never left Mandos, but has had periods of long inactivity.  The rest of his story is the same as the Clan’s story.    

7.2 ColoFett

Mandalorian Co Leader.  Founder and Leader of NMA.  Acted as diplomat to hostile and friendly clans, as well as a Mando representative to ally planets.  ColoFett started on Hatrus Lugormod, and joined the Hatrus Lugormod Police department.  But the department was full of corrupt officers only looking out for their own power.  ColoFett left the HLPD, and joined the Second Imperium (SI).  At the time SI was the strongest clan on Hatrus.  Lopez approached Colo and asked if he would help create a Bonty Hunter Clan, called the Mandalorians.  ColoFett served with Mandos from Hatrus to the end of Dead Tree.  

After Dead Tree, Colo wasn’t able to reconnect with the Mandos, he rejoined the Second Imperium, who were on the Planet of the Imperial Fleet, believing that Mandos were dead.  Mandos began to settle on IF and the IF war started.  During the war ColoFett began to quickly question his position in SI and refused to fight the Mandos.  ColoFett remained in SI but took little part in the war.  After the war Lopez, and Colo had a discussion and Colo returned to Mandos under his previous title, Co Mandalore.  The rest of the story of ColoFett is tied to the story of Mandos.    

7.3 Jack

Mandalorian Chief.  Founder and leader of Air Force, Founder of Intel.  Mandos greatest keeper of Order and Discipline.  Jack started on BOSS.  Jack was banned from BOSS for attacking admins, and he landed on Dead Tree.  Revler, the commander of Revler taught Jack many things.  Jack joined a small faction, Tereasa, and fought against the Aedree who were their enemy faction.  Jack left Tereasa due to a corrupt leader and approached Lopez and asked to Join Mandos.  

After Dead Tree, Jack for the same reasons as Colo believed that Mandos were dead.  Jack landed on the Imperial Fleet planet, and joined the IF.  The Jawa Clan attacked IF, and Jack fought on the side of IF.  But he saw a Mandalorian, Jnoobs, fighting on the side of the Jawa’s.  Jack began to question his position on IF.  Jack was eventually kicked from IF for bad behavior.  So he asked Lopez if he could return to Mandos.  The rest of Jacks story is tied with the Mando story

7.4 Aerial

Mandalorian Chief.  Mandalorian’s head builder and server hoster.  Has the best knowledge of how Lugormod works.  Aerial started on Galaxy/Vance Lugormod.  Aerial fell victim to Mando attacks several times.  Aerial left the galaxy of JKA, and went to the Galaxy of JKO.  After a while Aerial returned to JKA and landed on Dead Tree.  Aerial encountered Mandalorians again and was a target for Mando attacks.  A Mandalorian, Ashes approached Aerial and asked him to Join.  Aerial accepted.  Aerial was kicked out of Mandos by Grim, because he beat Grim in a duel.  Aerial went and joined IF, and was involved in an IF rebellion and became part of the small clan that broke away from IF.  But that didn’t last long as he returned to Dead Tree which was now the MOO planet.  

Aerial joined MOO, and became a respected member.  Aerial overheard several Mandos, including Lopez talking about the IF war.  Aerial was searching for some action and went with them to raid IF.  MOO was displeased with Aerial’s aggression towards IF.  Aerial left MOO and rejoined the Mandos, and fought with the Mandos for the rest of the IF war.  

After the IF war Aerial left the JKA galaxy again.  But Aerial shortly returned to the JKA galaxy.  Aerial started his own Planet.  A person called Wizard came to the planet, and Aerial found out that Wizard was from the same nation that Aerial was.  They quickly became friends and they came up with the idea to make their own clan.  This clan was Clan Atlantis.  However, Aerial didn’t feel comfortable with the having his ‘own clan’ and he decided to leave CA.  Drayn was promoted to be Co-Leader of CA.  Aerial travelled to the planet that Drayn and Wizard set up, Tidal, and was reunited with Mandos who had settled on tidal.  Aerial rejoined Mandos.  The rest of Aerial’s story is tied with Mando’s story.  
7.5 Latte

Mandalorian Chief.  Excellent at reducing tensions between people by acting as Comic relief.  Latte was born on earth in france. where there was a latte machine many people wanted to buy and drink the latte!  Many Lattes were spilt.  

Latte started on BOSS, but quickly travelled other planets and ultimately landed on IF.  On IF Latte encountered the Mandalorians and noticed that the Mandos were at war with the IF.  Latte became disgruntled in IF and attacked Admins.  Latte was demoted and eventually kicked from IF.  Latte then turned and Joined the Mandalorians.  The Story of Latte is tied with the story of Mandos.  He has been spilt many times, by Tidal Bot.  

7.6 Tater

Mandalorian GenM.  One of the Best fighters in Mandos, and one of the most honest Mandos.  Has the best understanding of Strength and Honour.  The past of Tater is unknown.  He was a member of UK during the UK war.  After the UK war, he joined Mandos along with fellow ex-UK members, Fett, and Sage.  

Tater left Mandos, once, after disagreements with fellow members and not approving of the path that Mandos were heading on.  But since then he has rejoined Mandos.  

7.7 Delta Squad

Neko, Cody, Kizko and Jango.  These guys need to be placed together.  The best team in mandos.  Delta was formed by these members out of the strong team that they made.  Not much is known about their origins.  Jango and Kizko came to Mandos from Dead Tree, Neko came to Mandos from Tidal, and Cody came from Tidal after leaving CA.  

7.8 Kyton, Soul and Oreo.  

Three of the most loyal Mandos.  Know what it is to be a true mando through honesty and Loyalty.  Nothing is known about the Origins of any of these members.  Kyton came to Mandos from BOSS, Soul and Oreo came to Mandos from JW.    

7.9 Kimmy

Leader of Intel, and Founder of Mando Soft.  Worked hard to keep Mandos safe from outside threats from spies, and cyber attacks, and leaks.  Nothing is known about Kimmy’s Origins.  Kimmy joined Mandos while Mandos were on tidal.  

7.10 Geno

Strongest fighter in his day.  Fought in the Aedree war, and IF war, led some of the most effective attacks in Mando history.  Geno started on Alpha Lugormod where he joined the Republic Army.  Alpha Lugormod was destroyed and Geno landed on Hatrus where he was surrounded by Mandos.  Geno joined Mandos, but left Mandos after Hatrus was destroyed.  He travelled to Vance Lugormod, where he encountered Mandos again.  Geno at the start was not friendly to Mandos and often attacked them.  After Vance was destroyed Geno left the JKA galaxy for a time until he returned and landed on Dead Tree where he rejoined Mandos.

Geno left Mandos after a fight with Peace, and took his Polish Mafia with him during the turbulent days on Tidal.  Geno rejoined several times after that but no longer than a month at a time.  However, Geno did return to a leading position within mandos and worked developing newer, less experienced members

7.11 JawaKiller/Halcyon

Halcyon was one of Mando’s greatest Allies, and fought on the Mando’s side during the Aedree and IF war.  Eventually after long debates, Halcyon Joined Mandos.  Halcyon started on the Planet Purple, home of the Purple clan.  Halcyon with a few other people formed the clan The Wookies, but that clan died out very quickly.  Despite this Halcyon kept his tags.  Jawakiller left the JKA galaxy for a while, but returned and landed on Dead Tree where he formed a faction called SS, Sharp Shooters.  One day on Dead Tree Lopez came to the planet and announced that it was the new home of the Mandalorians.  Jawakiller approached Lopez and asked for an Alliance.  The Alliance lasted a long time until SS was disbanded.  But Jawakiller was loyal to SS and kept the tags on.  During the alliance, SS fought with mandos against the Aedree and IF.  Jawakiller was present on the day when Revler gave control of his planet to the MOO clan.  Jawakiller again left the JKA galaxy, and when he returned he saw that MOO had completely destroyed the Planet that he had known.  

Jawakiller stayed on MOO, and helped Mandos fight against IF.  After the war he followed Mandos to Tidal Lugormod.  Jawakiller was persuaded by ColoFett to Join Mandos, after Jawakiller disbanded SS for good.  Jawakiller fell inactive along with many of the Mandos after Tidal collapsed the first time.  He has turned up once and a while to act as an advisor.
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