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Mandalorian History Book 8

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Book Eight.  Clans and Factions that Mandos have interacted with

8.1   <|CA|> Clan Atlantis

            Clan Atlantis is regarded to be the greatest ally to the Mandos.  CA existed from Spring 2006 to Fall 2011.  CA was founded by Wizard and Aerial, who is a current mando, and was led by Wizard and Drayn.  CA ran arguable the best server that Mandos have ever been on, Tidal Lugormod.  The maps all had an underwater theme to them and in absence of a better word, very blue.  Tidal Lugormod had a faction and faction war system, some of those factions were the RODIAN RAIDERS, the Jawateers, and thethe Jedi.  The RODIAN RAIDERS survive to this day.  CA always treated Mandos well and allowed Mandos to have a lot of influence on Tidal, the leaders were in constant talks to make things better for both parties.  The height of CA was in Winter 2006 and throughout 2007.  In that time CA could have been said to be one of the most powerful clans in JKA and had well over 50 members with a fair administrative system and a popular faction war system.  Things started to fall apart in CA in 2008 when Wizard started to take a step back in day to day running of the clan and gave power to people a lot of people felt unworthy.  One of whom was Crazy Assassin, who was a fantastic builder and was responsible for much of CA’s innovations but he was a poor leader, and an even worse admin.  Also there was Spreute, who at the time felt to be a poor choice with other people who have been in the clan much longer but he would turn out to be a fairly capable leader, but his admining choices were questionable.  While Wiz passed on power on JKA he started a branch of CA in World of WarCraft which existed until August 2013.  Wizard announced that Tidal would be shut down in the spring of 2009, but after three months Wizard brought back Tidal Lugormod and it flourished again until Spring 2011 when activity plummeted.  The collapse in population was partly due to the lack of leadership shown in CA and the absence of Mandos who made up atleast 30% of the population back in the height of CA.  In October 2011 Wizard shut down Tidal for good.  JKA has never been the same since.  CA currently still survives on Guild Wars 2, and their forum is still active.  There are many old CA members who are in Mandos currently, such as Cody, Aerial and Congo.  Noteable CA members:  Wizard, Beer, Baran, Drayn, Cody, Congo, Helsthia, Spreute, Aerial, Crazy, and Uraldu 

8.2  (SI) Second Imperium

            The Second Imperium was the clan that current Mandalore ColoFett came from.  SI was lead by Chizale who commanded respect among his members.  The birth of SI is unknown but it can be traced back to the summer of 2005.  The height of SI was during the fall and winter of 2005.  SI’s moto was ‘The Few, The Loyal, the Imperium’ and was inspiration for the Mando Motto ‘Strength and Honour’.  SI didnt have their own server, they often lived off of their allies server or community servers, much like what Mandos do.  Two of those servers were Hatrus Lugormod and IF Lugormod.  Similarly to Mandos, SI valued loyalty the most as well as the companionship between members.  SI was never a big clan, at its height there may have been 20 active members at once, but for most of its existence there was about 10 active members.  SI fought on the side of IF during the IF war against mandos in June 2006, and then fought against mandos again in December 2006 when they declared war on Mandos and accused them of stealing one of their members, ColoFett.  In 2007 SI declined as the member count dropped and because they were unable to find a home server.  They attempted to establish a home on Tidal Lugormod, Purple Lugormod and The Gathering.  SI has never been officially disbanded and their forum is still up and running but new posts are rare, and there is no activity on any games.  SI would become an ally of Mandos in 2007.  Notable SI members:  Chizale, Sput, Kango, Lysair, Kango, and Hunter. 

8.3  {IF} Imperial Fleet

            Imperial Fleet was led by Tyrannus, and was one of Mandos greatest enemies and was the opponent to Mandos in the greatest war of Mando’s history.  Origins is unknown, but the first encounter between Mandos and IF was in Spring 2006 after Dead Tree was taken down and Mandos drifted to IF.  Relations went sour and sparked the IF war.  The war crippled IF and they were never able to recover.  IF members often claim that the war was a tie, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that IF’s power dwindled while Mandos increased.  Officially the label for the relations between Mandos and IF was ‘friendly’ but in reality they were sketchy and fights often broke out between Mandos and IF members but it was never enough to spark another war, although another war looked likely at one point.  In 2008 after relations between CA and Mandos went downhill due to some of the choices made by Crazy, Mandos often played on IF and the RODIAN RAIDERS also came to IF.  Two years after the war, IF-Mando relations greatly increased and there were talks of an alliance but lingering memories of the war prevented that from ever happening.  IF was disbanded in 2010, but many members are still in contact with eachother via a facebook group.  Current Mando Chief, Latte was in IF.  Noteable IF members:  Tyrannus, Grim and Darklord.   

8.4 {L.O.W} Lords of War

            Led by Crai and their home server was The Gathering.  Their origins are unknown to Mandos.  LOW offered Mandos a home when CA turned their back to Mandos in 2008.  Although they allowed Mandos to play on their server they didn’t allow Mandos to openly advertise and recruit.  Similarly to CA, LOW would often engage in friendly games with Mandos.  The brother of Kimmy, Crion, was a member of LOW and helped improve Mando-LOW relations.  LOW was disbanded in 2009.  Noteable LOW members:  Crai, Crion, Hunter, Soujiro Seta, Inuyasha, Sev.  Hunter is currently in Mandos. 
8.5 {P} Purple
  Leader is unknown, Origins and death is unknown.  Server was Purple Lugormod.  Purple was an Ally to IF and SI and were an Jedi only clan.  Noteable members:  SomeCrazyGuy.

8.6  .:MOO:. Masters of Order

            Origins and Death unknown, and was led by insane.  The first interaction with MOO was in spring 2006 when Revler, the owner Dead Tree, sold his server to MOO.  MOO-Mando relations instantly went sour because MOO took and destroyed the server that Mandos had lived and loved.  MOO fought a war with Mandos in fall 2006 right before Mandos fought the war with SI.  Noteable members:  Insane, Madness, YapYap. 

8.7  {UK} Ureal Knights, {uR} Unreal Revolution, {u} Unreal

            Origins and Death are unknown and was led by Stylus.  The first encounter mandos had with UK was in Fall 2006.  Relations initially were very good and Lopez proposed an alliance with UK.  An Alliance was formed and Mandos began to play on UK.  Relations plummeted shortly after as Mandos began to discover and fall victim to the horrible admining.  Because of a poor treatment of Mandos, Mandos declared war on UK.  But UK just banned any Mando who made any sort of attack towards UK.  So Mandos came up with the plan to cause division within the clan, by befriending certain members and turning them against UK.  The plan was extremely successful and UK literally disentigrated as internal fighting caused members to leave by huge amounts.  Some members simply left, other left for other clans and some ended up in Mandos, such as Tater, Sage, and Fett.  Mandos dealt such a huge blow to UK that Stylus shut down his server and disbanded UK.  Stylus would revive his clan under a different name a few months later called uR.  Mandos for the most part until a group of uR members came and attacked Tidal Lugormod mod.  Mandos along with the RODIAN RAIDERS followed uR back to their server and made repetitive attacks over the next few weeks often causing the server to crash due to the spamming.  Just like before infighting began to tear the clan apart, many members didn’t want war with Mandos, but Stylus didn’t listen to them.  A Civil war within uR started.  The civil war and relentless attacks from the RR and Mandos caused Stylus to once again shut down his server and disband his clan.  Stylus would once again start a clan called Unreal.  Unreal was a whisp of smoke compared to what the other two clans were.  Mando-Unreal relations were terrible.  Mandos were instantly banned from Unreal.  Unreal was disbanded sometime in 2012.  Stylus is often considered a coward by old Unreal members as he often made empty threats and often never admitted to making mistakes and ignored issues within his clan which is what mandos exploited to destroy his clan twice.  Noteable Members:  Stylus, BloodRayne. 
8.8  !!BOSS!! Barbaric Overlords Systematic Savagery
            Origins unknown, Leaders unknown, First Interaction unknown.  BOSS-Mando relations have always been tense and have often broken out in small wars.  Very often Lopez would lead raiding parties to the server.

8.9  {VJM}  Full name unknown. 
            Led by Ice, Origins and Death unknown.  A Clan led by Ice, who was a friend to Mandos and who still talks with ColoFett occasionally.  VJM was an ally to Mandos and fought with Mandos in the MOO war and the UK war.  Noteable members:  Ice, Glueh

8.10 {HOBO}  Full name known

                Origins and Death unknown, Leader Unknown.  Ally to Mandos during the IF war. 


                Created by Monkeh in spring 2007 as one of the first factions in the Tidal Lugormod Faction system.  They were instantly a rival to Mandos as they were a Merc faction.  At first Mandos and RR were genuine enemies and often fought outside of the designated faction maps which caused some troubles in the CA council.  It got to a point where Mandos created a Mando faction so that Mandos could legally attack RR on faction maps and fight for bases from RR in faction maps.  After a year or so of fighting Mando-RR relations improved and the fights started to become friendlier and less competitive.  RR would act as an ally to Mandos during the uR war.  RR went with Mandos to IF because they were suffering the same hardship from the admins on CA as mandos did.  While both Mandos and RR were on IF certain Mandos members joined RR as their faction such as Tater, Vaapad, Latte, and Cody.  Even ColoFett was invited to be a RR.  RR continues to be a friendly faction towards mandos under the leaderhip of POLAK. 

8.12  Jawateers

            Faction led by Congo on Tidal Lugormod for the Tidal Faction system. 

8.13  Jedi

            Faction on Tidal Lugormod.  Leader Unknown. 

8.14  Aedree and Taedree

            Faction on Dead Tree Lugormod.  One of Mandos most dangerous enemies.  Leader is unknown.  The Aedree managed to reduce the number of mandos to a number within the single digits.  Many of the members that Mandos lost joined the faction and brought their friends with them.  Mandos declared war in retaliation and destroyed Aedree.  Every Aedree member either joined mandos or left the server.  There as a quick revival of the Aedree called the Taedree but that faction lasted less than a week against Mandos as Mandos would not allow them the chance to try and steal Mandos again. 

8.15 <|GOD|>

            Clan led by Amor@ (I think).  Origins and Death unknown.  Breakaway clan from BOSS.  Not much is known about this clan except that they were an ally to CA and spearheaded the warpath against Tiger and JW. 

8.16 <|MF|>  Mystic Forces

            Origin and Death unknown, Leader unknown.  MF was a breakaway clan from GOD.  Not much else is known about this clan. 

8.17 -=JW=-  Jenova Warriors

            Led by Tiger.  Origins unknown.  JW members claim that JW originated in 2003.  But they were actually a breakaway clan from GOD just like MF was.  JW provided a home to Mandos starting in December 2011.  JW has many initial misconceptions of Mandos, one of them being that they were a faction.  Tiger claims to be a girl, but there is evidence to the contrary and there was a huge dispute between tiger and various other Lugormod clans, led by GOD, over the use of  Tiger wanted the domain name for his clan alone.  The other clans wanted to be a community forum for Lugormod.  JW is often accused of having a flawed admin system and dull maps on their server.  They are also accused of bribing people with admin to get people to join which has caused a very disconnected clan as members are only in the clan because they get admin and not through loyalty.  This system is often condemned by Mandos.  JW-Mando relations have been up and down over the time they have known eachother as various JW members rise and fall from power and depending on their views towards Mandos.  When Jester rose to power, JW became a very anti-Mando group, but after he fell and Beer rose to power Mando-JW relations improved.  JW declined greatly under the power of Trooper as many choices he made were unpopular and caused more divisions within the clan.  Trooper resigned from power and DT revered many policies that trooper introduced and things looked to be improving in size and quality.  It may be too little too late.  While internal conflicts are often in JW there are also outside attacks on their server and forums as various people are still on the warpath against Tiger.  JW often claims the constant downtime of the forum and server as bugs but in reality they are attacks. 
 8.18 {Elite.Wolves}
           Led by SaiyanJ and Data.  Founded in 2012.  Originally they were friendly to Mandos and even offered an alliance to Mandos.  Mandos often played on EW and made up for most of the population on the server.  But Mandos left EW for Community server by Rhyno and EW’s server activity plummeted.  Desperate for activity EW turned to people like Bonza, and Starfall to bring in activity.  The leaders of EW Data and Saiyan but its clear that Bonza is the one pulling strings of the clan.  It is also obvious to see that Data and Saiyan are terrified of Bonza.  Since then EW has been rather hostile towards Mandos and Mandos have often fallen victim to poor admining. 

8.19 Dwarves, Elfs, Eagles

            Various factions that’s no one really cares about.      

8.20 cR-  Crimson Rebellion, CREW

            A clan on Tidal Lugormod.  cR- was the only clan in the history of CA that CA actually declared war on.  Along with CA, Mandos and CA crushed cR- after a rather long conflict.  cR- was revived by Slaxer and renamed CREW, although this might be wrong.  Slaxer took Crew away from Tidal and made his own server.  Crew had no ranks, and was a one of the most democratic clans in the JKA world.  In fact, Slaxer was voted out of leadership.  To this day there are still old Crew members around that wear tags despite the clan disbanding. 

8.21  <|XE|>  name unknown

            Leader, birth, death unknown.  Declared war on Mandos but there wasn’t much fighting as the clan disappeared shortly after. 

8.22 NoX  name unknown

            Leader, birth, death, unknown.  Nothing is known about this clan except that it existed

8.32 }MoTR{  Masters of the Republic

            Led was Bonza.  Birth and Death unknown.

8.33 {RoTF}  Rulers of the Force

            Leader, and birth unknown.  RoFT offered Mandos their server as their home but mandos turned them down. 
8.34 {U} Utopia

            Birth and death unknown.  Led by Juturna.  Utopia was a breakaway clan from UK.  Juturna was an old UK member and was a friend to Mandos and was one of the people who created the divisions in UK.  Shortly after its creation they allied themselves with CA and Mandos.  It’s unknown to what happened to them.  Their leader went inactive and its possible that the clan members either went back to uR or went to other clans.   
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