Read Before Applying

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Read Before Applying

Post by ColoFett on Sat May 25, 2013 11:25 am

-start a "new topic"

please answer these questions in your application topic

0. How old are you?
1. Whats your timezone?
2. Whats your native language, and second language is any?
3. How long have you played JKA?
4. What are your previous clans?
5. Why do you want to join the Mandalorian Armed Forces?
6. What is any of your additional contact info? Xfire, Steam, email, etc?

Please remember that it's vital for new members to constantly check for forums for updates and news. it also vital that you post often so that we know that youre serious about joining. Too often do we have ppl that apply and make 1 post then never return again.
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17 - Mandalore (Mdr)

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