Mandalorian History Book 2

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Mandalorian History Book 2

Post by ColoFett on Fri May 03, 2013 9:25 pm

Book two. The Glory Days

2.1 Dead Tree Lugormod. The Glory Days. Winter 2005 – Spring 2006.

With the expulsion from Vance, the Mandos were scattered. Many, including ColoFett believed Mandos to be dead and simply left JKA. Those who remained landed on the planet of Dead Tree. Dead Tree was a heavily forested planet and home to many nomads. Dead Tree was different from other planets. Killing was allowed and the population could do anything they wanted. Transportation was done with ships, and speeders and not with teleports. Credits were collected solely by stashes, there were no banks. Because of these unique features of Dead Tree, the planet was extremely popular with refugees from other servers. Mandos quickly became the largest group on Dead Tree, and many refugees that came to dead tree joined up in the Mandalorian Armed Forces. It was on Dead Tree where Mandos developed many tactics that are still used today. Shortly, after Mandos had established themselves on Dead Tree, ColoFett stumbled on the planet and resumed his position of Co-Leader. Mandos flourished on Dead Tree, their numbers exploded. However, there was a small group of people called the Tree people who were not so happy with the Mandos.

2.2 The Aedree and Aedree War. Jan – Feb 2006.

The Aedree were a small group and were also called the Tree people. At first the Mandos didn’t pay much attention to the Aedree. A few Mandos went over to the Aedree, but because of the large number of Mandos they went virtually unnoticed. However, the Aedree began to become ambitious and started to convery every Mando they saw. Eventually there were very few Mandos left. Some of those included, Lopez, ColoFett, Geno, MrEd, and Ashes. Lopez in retaliation declared war on the Aedree and thus started the Aedree war and the first of the Great Wars fought by Mandos.

The great battle in the Aedree war was when, ColoFett, Geno, MrEd, and one of their allies Halcyon invaded the Aedree forest. A couple mandos snuck into a couple ATST’s in the Aedree forest and drove them out of their Forest with snipers in the mountains supporting the Mandos in the ATST’s the fighting migrated to the Water Temple were the Aedree became surrounded on all four sides from the mountains. The Fighting continued for a long time but the Aedree were unable to gain any ground and the Aedree fled the planet. After that battle several of the Mandos who had left the clan for the Aedree returned to Mandos. The war a couple more weeks and eventually an uneasy peace was made. The Mandos took the time to regroup and to train up. Eventually the Mandos made an aggressive move towards the Aedree and completely destroyed them. Nothing the Aedree remains except in the memories and writing of the Mandalorians.

2.3 The End of the Glory Days and Dead Tree. March – April 2006.

The Mandos overcame every obstacle that the Aedree threw at them and became the top clan on Dead Tree. But those days were severely numbered. The leader of Dead Tree, Revler decided to leave the Galaxy of Lugormod and move to Siege and Movie battles II. Revler sold his planet to Insane, the leader of the MOO clan, Masters of Order. The unique features of dead tree disappeared one by one, to the point where the planet was unrecognizable from its original form. The MOO clan, renamed it and made it their clan server. This angered many people and to this day Mandos hate MOO even though MOO has been gone for many years now. Lopez wanted to move the Mandalorians to a better environment, so he decided to travel to the planet owned by the Imperial Fleet. Members from the Glory Days include, Aerial, Jack, Halcyon, Jango, Neko, Kimmy, Peace and Kizko.

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